The Power of Sitting in the Circle

img_3160Today I am reminded of the power of the circle, whether real of metaphorically. That sacred space in which we sit together and share our stories. I am reminded of how “what’s your story” can more often be more powerful than “tell me what’s wrong”, or maybe even “how can I help?, how rituals and traditions matter, and how coming into your intention of embodied listening and understanding can trump theoretical know-how. And yes, that that’s where the magic of healing begins.

It that sacred space, there is a pause to come back to what matters – grounding in our Humanness, welcoming our Being in wholeness, rather than seeing bits and pieces of external existence, much like a tick mark on a checklist, or a number on a scale.

In the circle the hierarchy of power is stripped away, and we step into our common humanity while in community.

Here I come back to Me, and nourish my spirit.

This is where power grows and lives. And when I emerge, I take with me the spirit of creation, the heart of connection, and the wonder of rebirth and awe.

I am grateful today for the opportunity to connect to this space, and to know that it can exist even across the oceans and over the internet.

From Resolution to Intention

5Ten years ago today, I mustered up all the courage I had and stepped onto the mat for the very first time. Moving my body or engaging in sports, dance or other movement practices weren’t very natural for me in the beginning. I was more of a reader and a crafter, so curling up with a book or perhaps some cross-stitching or needlepoint was more up my ally. So I was surprised at that quiet whisper that led me down this path. And since it was just about the end of the year, it seemed to be a good New Years Resolution to make. That and learning French. The latter never happened, but I am oh so grateful the yoga worked out! Before my first class, I remember sending an email to a local teacher in my area and ending that note by saying that I was quite nervous about it because I had never done yoga before. She replied that it is normal to feel nervous, and that in all likelihood, by that time the next day, I would probably feel silly for having been nervous. 

Oh she was right 🙂 

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