Ria Tirazona is a yoga and mindfulness facilitator, educator, and licensed psychologist from the Philippines, where she specializes in psychological assessment and embodiment, movement and mindfulness based psychotherapy.

She believes that change begins with awareness, presence and tenderness. As an educator in various types of learning environments for almost 20 years, she hopes to co-create nourishing spaces that empower others in discovering their personal path to wellness through trauma-informed, accessible, mental health aware practices such as yoga, embodiment, meditation and mindfulness.

She is trained in alternative healing modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Thai Massage, and Trauma-Informed Yoga and Yoga Therapy. As a mental health professional, she regularly conducts workshops and training on mental health and facilitates wellness and mindfulness programs for individuals, corporations and organizations locally and internationally.

A previously self-confessed emotional eater, her struggle with weight has opened her up to new ways of celebrating her body and treating herself with love and compassion. Her nurturing yet playful classes are relaxing while being surprisingly challenging. She emphasizes building strength and functionality in movement while harnessing softness in the body and mind and encourages folks to contemplate on what things might be like if we moved from a place of possibility rather than expectation.

Follow her yoga insights on Instagram at @biggerbodyyogaph, as she takes on life, one asana at a time

Location: Manila, Philippines