Coming Home, Again.

Nursing a bit of a sore back, I stepped onto the mat, not just because I had to lead a class, but also because I felt something stirring inside of me. Then I remembered: today I mark 12 years of coming to this practice. What a journey it has been. I still am filled with awe, wonder and gratitude for this path, and the people I have met along the way. It felt quite auspicious to practice in this newly repainted, refurnished and reimagined space on such an occasion.

In honor and recognition of that very nervous and unsure girl that stepped onto the mat in a little home shala in her neighborhood, I come home to where it all started: on the mat, in a little home shala. It may be a little different now, as I step into my own space instead of someone else’s. In the same way, however, that feels quite magical. In this space, I embrace my power for transformation, change and possibility.

As I do that, I hope to use this little corner of the world wide web to connect with you more. I did say this two years ago, but as the pandemic continued to impact myself and the world around me, I felt I didn’t have the capacity to do so yet then. This time, however, maybe it would be different. So in celebration of that first discovery of my practice, and in honor of the courage it took to explore a new beginning, I come back to a part of me that actually led to finding my way to the mat: writing in my blog.

And so as I head back into my sacred space, I pause here and truly embody what my words and intentions for 2023 are: Wonder. Awe. Presence.

Here’s to showing up.

Here’s to being in awe.

Here’s to wide-eyed wonder.

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