The Power of the Pause

To say 2023 cane barreling in is an understatement. Are you feeling that too, or is it just me? Don’t get me wrong: it hasn’t been bad at all, it just feels like I was thrown into the deep end and I can’t catch a breath. Or is it can’t get my momentum going? I’m not really sure! Chalk it up to Mercury in retrograde, or coincidence, or even the cycles of the moon, or maybe even my own moon cycle. Either way, it’s been a big start to the year, so much so that I’ve found myself on edge quite a bit, and admittedly, teetering over it every now and then. Even the bread I was baking seemed to have felt the waves of emotion in me that my soft, fluffy loaf ended up like a brick! (okay, okay, I know there’s a logical explanation for it but still!).

Over the past few days, however, with the start of the latest installment of Yoga for Humankind’s programs, me finally being able to dive in to the Mental Health Aware Yoga course with Dr. Lauren Tober, and catching up finally with my dear friend E, it feels like my feet are finally landing onto solid ground, my heart is spacious, and a felt sense of ease and calm is settling in.

As I reflected and sensed into that untetheredness and the reactivity that came with it, the reminder of the power of the pause and how crucial it is to use that space to listen and be are. I am reminded that when I don’t slow down and listen to what my body wants, feels or needs, it finds a way to. get my attention – and often not in the best way.

And so I come back, once again, to the pause.

And just be.

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