From Resolution to Intention

5Ten years ago today, I mustered up all the courage I had and stepped onto the mat for the very first time. Moving my body or engaging in sports, dance or other movement practices weren’t very natural for me in the beginning. I was more of a reader and a crafter, so curling up with a book or perhaps some cross-stitching or needlepoint was more up my ally. So I was surprised at that quiet whisper that led me down this path. And since it was just about the end of the year, it seemed to be a good New Years Resolution to make. That and learning French. The latter never happened, but I am oh so grateful the yoga worked out! Before my first class, I remember sending an email to a local teacher in my area and ending that note by saying that I was quite nervous about it because I had never done yoga before. She replied that it is normal to feel nervous, and that in all likelihood, by that time the next day, I would probably feel silly for having been nervous. 

Oh she was right 🙂 

Even after all this time, I still find myself falling in love with the practice constantly. My practice continues to evolve, and at it’s current iteration, it’s a little less asana and a lot more embodiment and awareness. Nevertheless, whatever way, shape or form it shows up in, it still feels like home to me.  By showing up for myself, I discovered strength beyond expectation, joy I never imagined, and a Me I never knew existed. And in my latest run around the sun, I discovered what it really means to step into my power, and to take that into community. I may still find myself nervous every now and then, but just like that first class, it isn’t soon after that magic and alchemy of practice takes over and shifts my perspective grandly.

Like any love affair, I will acknowledge that there are days when it is tough, and that the heat of desire for the practice fades. But I found that when I sit with it, and recognize that it is okay to be where I am, I find myself drawn into my body, my breath and the moment. And sure enough, the spark rekindles and deepens even more.

Come on, come on, put your hands into the fire. Explain, explain As I turn, I meet the power – Into the Fire, Thirteen Senses

Today I am especially grateful that as I make my way back to where I started, I find myself starting in a new program on Yoga, Social Justice and Spirit. The timing can’t be more perfect, yeah?

In this space of learning and unlearning, I welcome new beginnings and a world of possibility.  I hold myself with tenderness as I birth new intentions, and move from a resolution for myself. I shed fear, hesitation and doubt, and welcome a dream of collective change in a world where softness is downplayed and worth is determined by color, shape, financial status or ability.  

Ten years ago I stepped onto the mat in a quest to find myself, and to become something better than I knew.

Today I step deeper onto this path, and welcome the possibilities that lie ahead. I take with me that knowledge of who I am now, and put that into action. And as I step into the fire, I turn to meet the power of collective well-being and community care.  In this space, I feel that a change is not only going to come, but I think I can start to see what this might look like. I don’t know exactly what that would be yet, but I know it’s going to be wonderful. After all,  as has been the mantra of my practice, when you come from a place of love, good things happen. 

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