Redefining My Practice

My Home Studio

March 15, 2020. The day the world I knew it stopped existing. It happened quite quickly, although I had an inkling it was coming. For the most part, the Philippines was quite nonchalant over the coronavirus pandemic (at least from my lenses), and there seemed to be no clearly defined plan of response to the situation. Then the orders were put in place: community quarantine.

I went to the studio that day to close prepare for a 30 day closure of our physical studio and readied myself to step into a virtual space to start teaching and practicing yoga.

It took about 20 days for me to create this little sacred spot that has served as my refuge in this tumultuous time. My practice has been redefined by covid-19 in many ways, but one thing remains true: as long as I show up for it, it is there to hold me.

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